Welcome to our third Short Stories series

Our Short Stories program provides a one-off chance to dive deeply into a single coffee producing area. This year, we're delving into the rugged geography of south-west Colombia.

We've sourced three special, small, single-farm lots, which we've picked specifically to show off particular aspects of Colombian espresso coffee. Each coffee in the series will be released individually, allowing you to join us on this journey into the Colombian Andes.

You can see which of the coffees is available at the moment on this page, and click through to read the stories of each of the three farmers featured in this series. There you can also see a brew guide and a video of our visit to the farm last year. Enjoy!


We're also excited to say that this will be our first Short Stories series that will be roasted for use with espresso machines and moka pots and each coffee in the series will come with brew tips helping you get the best from the coffee. You can click below to see previews of the coffees coming up in the series, with more information available as each coffee is released.

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